The Mysu 3d-printed Firearms Mirror

Currently these files are also hosted on Odysee. Odysee is the dominant frontend to the LBRY network, and they can freely restrict access to content on their frontend. I am mirroring those files too just in case. I highly encourage you to mirror these as well. Files sourced from The Gatalog and CTRL Pew
Onion | I2P [b32]


Name Firearm/Platform Download Torrent
KF5 MP5 Direct I2P
Hoffman Orca v5.3 AR-15 Direct I2P
Hoffman LR-308 v2.6 AR-10 Direct I2P
Hoffman AR-15 v3.1 AR-15 Direct I2P
Hoffman AR-9 v1.2 AR-9 Direct I2P
VS 22 VZ 61 22lr Direct I2P
DS1913 AR-15 22lr AR-15 22lr Direct I2P
Mono-Poly AR-15 Lower AR-15 Direct I2P
CZAR VZ 61 Direct I2P
FMDA AR-15 22lr AR-15 22lr Direct I2P
Recession Ruger Pack Ruger P95/89/85 Direct I2P
Plastikov 3 AKM/RPK/AK100 Direct I2P
MEGA GLOCK Glock 19X n/a I2P
The Cobra 40 S&W SW40 n/a I2P
UBAR-9 Winterized AR-9 Direct I2P
The Glocknofsky 2-for-1 Glock special! Direct I2P
FGC-9 Mk II FGC-9 Direct I2P
FGC-9 Mk I FGC-9 Direct I2P
UBAR2 AR-15 Direct I2P
Ghetto Blaster Tec9/AB10 Direct I2P
The 3011 1911 Direct n/a


Name Firearm Download Torrent
Hochul Pack AR-15 Direct I2P

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